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About Us

At Texas Doodle Pups our Goldendoodle puppies are known for their high intelligence and great personality. We are a small breeder and the puppies are raised in our home with our family. Being raised in our own home promotes best practices for socialization and interaction with other dogs and people. We train and raise the Goldendoodle puppies with a foundation of health and well-being in temperament. Additionally, the nutrition of the parents and the puppies are extremely high on their priority list as well as carefully selecting each of the parents to make sure that we can provide each family the best possible Goldendoodle puppy experience. 

There is also a variety in the coat colors and it all depends on the parent dogs. The most common coat types are wavy and curly. In addition, our Goldendoodles have some of the best temperaments as they are active, smart, easy to train, and playful puppies.

Our Team
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